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Why join the Ecovista platform

Gagne en moyenne 18 à 22 $ l’heure

Réalise tes objectifs à court terme ou tes rêves à long terme en offrant des services d’entretien ménager sur la plateforme Ecovista.

Soit maître de ton horaire

Crée toi-même ton horaire de rêve à travers l’application mobile et choisi les jours où tu veux travailler.

Devenir un(e) pro n’a jamais été aussi facile

Reçoit tout le support d’une équipe expérimenté afin de devenir un(e) pro des services ménager et ce même sans expérience passé.

Sais exactement comment tu vas gagner pour chaque contrat

Un système de rémunération clair permet de savoir la rémunération de chaque contrat avec de les accepter.

Career FAQ

How does the Ecovista platform work?

Thousands of people order housecleaning services through the Ecovista platform. These contracts are then sent through the app to the Ecovista certified professionals available in this time slot. Just accept the contract and you now have a new customer. 

Do I have experience in housekeeping?

No. In fact, several Ecovista partners started without any experience in the field. With the tools and support offered, it is possible to get to the pro level in no time. If you already have experience, it will be even easier!

Do I have to have a car?

No. Whether by car, bus, plane or camel, you are free to choose your means of transport. Since you choose your contracts among those offered to you, you can take into account the trip by choosing them

How long does it take before I start working with Ecovista?

Our registration process only takes 1 to 2 minutes. After registration, it takes 1-2 weeks for your account to be fully activated.

What equipment do I need to become an Ecovista partner?

In order to earn money as an Ecovista partner, all you need is a mobile phone with a data plan and a kit of equipment and cleaning supplies. A complete list will be provided during the activation process and it is even possible to obtain a complete set at this stage.

Why should I be an Ecovista partner?

You’re the boss, as a self-employed person, you have the flexibility and freedom to choose where and when you want to do services.

What does an Ecovista housekeeping service look like?

When you get a cleaning opportunity, you’ll see where it is and how much it pays. You then choose to accept or refuse it. If it is a recurring service, you will be prioritized for all future services of this client. On the date indicated for the service, you go to the customer and complete the tasks indicated in the order. It's that simple !

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