Our Mission

Our mission... to put you in contact with the best professionals in the field.

Our Values

Sustainable development

  • Reinvestment in the community and local economy
  • Environmentally responsible products
  • Bottle filling program
  • Travel optimization system
    Paperless billing system

Security and trust

  • Certified and trusted professionals
  • Secure payment system
  • Key box arrangement
  • Personal data protection
  • Service 7 days a week

Accountability and transparency

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Operations 100% registered
  • Accessible and transparent pricing

Our Story

Allow us to introduce Ecovista. We offer a new and inovative type of service in the field of residential cleaning in several areas of Quebec and Ontario and this since 2018. We believe that a quality home cleaning service starts with the selection and development of the best professionals on the market. It is also important for us to reduce the environmental footprint of such services as much as possible while offering true peace of mind.

Our desire to create Ecovista emerged from our personal experiences trying to deal with home cleaning services. We felt like most of them were unable to create a relationship where trust can easily be established between the client and his/her housekeeping professional. since we know how stressful it can be to let a stranger into your home, we worked hard to create just that.

To do this, all Ecovista professionals go through an extremely rigorous selection process. In fact, only those that we would feel comfortable sending to our own homes are sent to clients.

We also wanted to set up a client account system that would allow the customer to know the status of their services at all times as well as allowing us to keep track of all interactions and comments made in the past. Such a system allows us to know the situation of each client at a glance and thus offer them a personalized and efficient service.

Our long term goal is to continue to develop Ecovista in order to be able to adapt and meet the growing needs of our customers and grow with them.


Business Support Fund ID Gatineau

Business Support Fund ID Gatineau

Mandated by the City of Gatineau, ID Gatineau's mission is to support and assist businesses to promote economic development and diversification as well as wealth creation on the territory of the City of Gatineau. Since Ecovista Services was founded in Gatineau, a partnership with the company was hoped for. Ecovista's unique service offer and good management convinced ID Gatineau to offer their support through the business support program. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Cilex business incubator

Cilex business incubator

Cilex helps companies and institutions achieve their technological innovations by providing a structure of services for incubation, acceleration, and research & development. Ecovista Services has been accepted into the Cilex business incubation program in 2018. The technological aspect of the online platform is in line with the incubator's mission.

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Honorary grant MEI

Honorary grant MEI

To complement the traditional financing offer and stimulate entrepreneurship in Québec, the government intends to offer honorary grants of up to $25,000 each, intended for entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35 who are carrying out a project aimed at developing a business. Ecovista services was awarded the honorary grant in March 2019 because of it's innovative concept and strong growth potential.

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Creavenir program Desjardins

Creavenir program Desjardins

Through Creavenir, Desjardins caisses work in partnership to stimulate local entrepreneurship and contribute to community development. Ecovista was selected for this program in January 2019 because of its contribution to the community and its positive impact in the sector of residential services.

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